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Overview of the tourism and travel industry

The tourism and travel industry have witnessed an unprecedented wave of disruptive innovations that have revolutionized the industry in recent years. Technologies such as AI, AR,VR, blockchain have contributed massively to the solutions we see today implemented by start-ups. Companies like Air bnb, and Uber changed the game and brought a new dimension to tourism. Travel has been made simple and accessible more than ever.

According to a research by JP Morgan, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) forecasts that, the global travel and tourism sector will reach US$9.5 trillion in 2023. Also travel and tourism GDP is predicted to grow, on average, at 5.8% a year between 2022 and 2032, outpacing the growth of the overall economy at an expected 2.7% a year. After the losses suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry is set to rebound, gaining momentum as consumer demand for travel increases.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most impactful innovations by start-ups in Europe that have taken the travel sector by storm, enhancing customer experiences and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Insights into the European travel market: A deep dive

This market overview is based on the data on 1186 traveltech start-ups in Europe with a particular focus on French start-ups sourced from the Skopai platform. The companies represent sectors such as accomodation, booking, itenary, camping, mobility etc.

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Distribution by country of their headquaters

According to their country of headquarter, France is the country with the most start-ups followed by the UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece and Italy.

Distribution by country of their headquaters: Travel and tourism start-up

Distribution by maturity

By their maturity, most start-ups, representing 74% are on the Go-to-market stage. Early-stage ventures and Matured stages follow with 21% and 5% respectively. The analysis shows that companies across the various stages are diverse in their offerings and operate in different markets although sectors like Accommodation, campsite and booking solutions are more dominant. To add, 51 start-ups have patents

Distribution by maturity: Travel and tourism start-up

Fundraising by euros over the years

The graph shows an overview of fundraising in the last 8 years. 2019 recorded the highest fundraising year with an amount of €1B, with a decline in 2020 with an amount of €903M. There’s a steady decline post Covid-19.

Fundraising: Travel and tourism start-up

Start-ups reshaping the way we explore

TravelPerk: develops a business travel management platform that simplifies booking and expense management for small and medium-sized businesses.
Founded: 2015
Country: Spain

Handiplanet: A collaborative platform that brings together people with reduced mobility and owners of accessible tourist establishments.
Founded: 2018
Country: France develops a bloq locker designed for providing reliable urban smart locker on the market and a mobile application designed for finding and managing smart lockers. providing the worlds leading Smart Locker Solution.
Founded: 2019
Country: Portugal

HiJiffy develops an AI-powered Chat Booking Assistant and a one-stop platform for all communication channels. 
Founded: 2016
Country: Portugal

Tourlane develops planning and booking services including real-time pricing, availability, instant trip visualization, and drag-and-drop adjustments designed to make multi-day trip planning easy.
Founded: 2015
Country: Germany develops a socially powered search engine designed for the travel and tourism industry.
Founded: 2017
Country: Romania

MyHotelMatch develops a platform designed for matching and booking hotels through the principle of online dating.
Founded: 2020
Country: France

Itinari develops a reference platform designed for travellers looking for the best kept spots and hidden gems around the world.
Founded: 2016
Country: Belgium

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The travel and tourism industry will continue to evolve thanks to modern technologies and the creative minds of these start-up disruptors enhancing the way we discover new destinations and connect with cultures around the globe.

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