Navigating New Heights: July 2023 start-up fundraising news

Total amount of money raised

According to data analysed from the Skopai platform, 132 start-ups received funding worldwide in July 2023.  

Total amount of money raised: €3. 1Billion

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding, click on the link: 

Thematic clusters

The word cloud represents the markets and technologies of start-ups that received funding in July. Platform  (representing 27% of start-ups), Software (22%), Fintech (16%), and AI (15%) are the most prevalent tags, and they provide us with information on the markets that experienced the most activity.

July fundraising news - wordcloud

Maturity stages

By their maturity, most start-ups, representing 43% are on the Go-to-market stage. Matured stage follows with 31% and Early-stage 26%.  The go-to-market stage has always been an attractive stage for investors since the product is ready for commercialization after the research and development process. To add, 54 funded start-ups have patents

July fundraising news: Maturity stages of start-ups

Funding rounds in July 2023  

Start-ups received funding across different funding rounds ranging from Pre-seed to Series D rounds.

📌 Note that all amounts are quoted in Euros on the Skopai platform for comparison reasons. 


Subdron develops autonomous underwater inspection systems designed for the inspection of underwater structures and marine life

Country: Austria

Amount raised: €1.3M


Somos internet is a technology company that enables clients to have a faster, more stable and cost-effective network through FiberWave technology.

Country: Colombia

Amount raised: €12.33M

Series A

Recommerce develops electronics solutions and services designed for refurbishment and sales of second hand smartphones.

Country: France

Amount raised: €14.72M

Series B

Simbe Robotics develops a robot designed for automatic retail. It leverages AI and robotics to elevate the performance of retailers with real-time insights into inventory and operations

Country: €25.77M

Amount raised: €25.77M

Series D

eFishery is an ag-tech company that offers integrated feeding solutions for fish and shrimp farming.

Country: Indonesia

Amount raised: €184.06M 

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding in July 2023, click on the link: 


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The data used to generate the figures in this article was collected on July 31, 2023, thus the numbers could change as fresh information is regularly added to the database by our AI.

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