All destinations will be leading to Expo Porte de Vaisailles in Paris as Viva Technology’s 2023 edition kicks off. Over the course of four days (14-17), this premier event will bring together leading start-ups, investors, executives, and media from 32+ countries. Together, they will not only network but also tackle the pressing challenges of our time and propose game-changing solutions for both business and society.

For start-ups, this event offers a golden opportunity to showcase their solutions to a global audience and connect with potential investors and customers. More than 1,500 start-ups will be attending to showcase a host of innovations. These innovations cover a wide range of industries, including health, mobility, robotics, AI, Climatetech, Femtech etc…

To gain insights into the start-ups participating at VivaTech and how they are responding to tomorrow’s needs, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their innovations, technologies, financing, maturity levels, and business models based on data collected from the Skopai platform.

Key figures to note 📌

◼️ Number of start-ups: 1,500+

◼️ Geography: France dominates the number of participating start-ups this year at VivaTech by (72 %), followed by Germany (5 %), South Korea (5 %), Italy (4 %), and Belgium (3 %), among others. 

The countries start-ups attending Viva Technology 2023 are from

◼️ Thematic clusters: The dominant markets and technologies include platform and software (42 %), AI and machine learning (22 %), envtech and cleantech (12 %), IoT (11 %) , healthtech (10 %), fintech (8 %), and energytech (8 %), among others. 

Thematic clusters of start-ups a Viva Technology 2023

◼️ Distribution of start-ups by their maturity: Most start-ups are on the early stage (48 %), working on product development, and go-to-market stage (40 %), searching for their first customers. 

Vivatech 2023: Maturity stages of start-ups

◼️ Team size: More than half of start-ups (54 %) have less than 10 employees and 34 % of start-ups employ between 11 and 50 employees

◼️ Business model: Three quarters of start-ups (76 %) are B2B companies.  The majority of the start-ups operate in the sectors of development and manufacturing (65 %) and R+D+I Services (28 %, Research, Development, and Innovation/Industrialization).  

◼️ Technology and patents: 239 start-ups have filed patents. In total, 1,441 patents have been filed by the start-ups since 2018 or over the last five years.

◼️ Fundraising: There is a positive trend in fundraising over the time. In 2022, the start-ups raised more than 2 billion euros in funding. 

Fundraising of start-ups at Viva Technology 2023

To see the full list of start-ups that are attending VivaTech 2023, click on the link below.


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