Total amount of money raised

According to data analysed from the Skopai platform, 86 start-ups received funding worldwide in May 2023.  

Total amount of money raised: €4 billion

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding, click on the link: 

Thematic clusters

The word cloud represents the markets and technologies of start-ups that received funding in May. Fintech  (representing 26% of start-ups), Platform (25%), and Biotech (16%), are the most prevalent tags, and they provide us with information on the markets that experienced the most activity.

Skopai start-up fundraising news: Word cloud representing the importance of tags.

Maturity stages of start-ups who received funding

By their maturity, most start-ups, representing 59% are on the Go-to-market stage. Early-stage ventures and Matured stages follow with 24% and 14% respectively. The analysis shows that companies across the various stages are diverse in their offerings and operate in different markets although AI and software solutions are more dominant. To add, 29 funded start-ups have patents

Skopai start-up funding news: Distribution of start-ups by their maturity.

Funding rounds in May 2023  

Start-ups received funding across different funding rounds ranging from Pre-seed to Series D rounds.

📌 Note that all amounts are quoted in Euros on the Skopai platform for comparison reasons. 


Netbird develops zero configuration VPN designed for connecting computers, servers, cloud instances, and IoT devices into a secure private network without configuration.
Country: Germany
Amount raised: €1.1M


Coldspace develops an on-demand warehouse marketplace that connects the supply and demand of warehouse spaces.
Country: Indonesia
Amount raised: €3.46M

Series A

Lynxter is an additive manufacturing machine tools manufacturer, open and industry 4.0 oriented.
Country: France
Amount raised: €4M

Series B

ARTHEx Biotech is a biotech company focused on the research and development of novel oligonucleotide therapies that modulate microRNA to treat diseases with unmet medical needs.
Country: Spain
Amount raised: €42M

Series C

Magenta is developing miniaturized catheter-mounted axial flow-pumps for mechanical circulatory support indications, based on Magenta’s core technology of self-expanding impellers and pump heads.
Country: Israel
Amount raised: €50.09M

Series D

Uveye develops automated inspection systems for vehicles designed for detecting vehicle issues or security-related threats in the undercarriage before they cause fatalities.
Country: Israel
Amount raised: €91.07M

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding in May 2023, click on the link: 


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The skopai events tab: list of start-ups that received funding in may 2023

The data used to generate the figures in this article was collected on May 31, 2023, thus the numbers could change as fresh information is regularly added to the database by our AI.

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