Total amount of money raised in April 2023

According to data analysed from the Skopai platform, 150 start-ups received funding worldwide in April 2023.  

Total amount of money raised: €4 billion

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding, click on the link: 

Thematic clusters

The word cloud represents the markets and technologies of start-ups that received funding in April. Platform (representing 25% of start-ups), Fintech (23%), and AI (18%), are the most prevalent tags, and they provide us with information on the markets that experienced the most activity.


By their maturity, most start-ups, representing 42% are on the Go-to-market stage. Early-stage ventures and Matured stages follow with 19% and 31% respectively. The analysis shows that companies across the various stages are diverse in their offerings and operate in different markets although AI and software solutions are more dominant. To add, 69 funded start-ups have patents

Funding rounds in April 2023  

Per data analysed on the Skopai platform, start-ups received funding across different funding rounds ranging from Pre-seed to Series E rounds.

📌 Note that all amounts are quoted in Euros on the Skopai platform for comparison reasons. 

Pre – seed round


Narrato develops an AI content creation and collaboration platform to help content producers and writers to create, create, edit and publish their content.
Country: USA
Amount raised: €919.54K

Seed round

Spotted Zebra

Spotted Zebra develops a workforce management platform designed for enabling clients to put skills at the heart of their talent decisions and to start where the need is – whether that’s hiring, succession planning, learning or reskilling
Country: UK
Amount raised: €1.66M


Rodeo develops an Operating System (OS) designed for helping gig works in the delivery sector manage and take control of their work and finances
Country: UK
Amount raised:€4.6M

Series A

Mosaic Therapeutics

Mosaic Therapeutics develops targeted therapies designed for revolutionizing the treatment of highly mutated cancer types
Country: UK
Amount raised: €25.75M

Series B


ClimteAI is the world’s first Enterprise Climate Platform to help companies reduce, monitor and adapt to physical climate risks.
Country: USA
Amount raised: €19.97M 


VERO offers a game-changing technology that eliminates application fraud and automates residential applicant screening and leasing.
Country: USA
Amount raised: €8.25M

Series C

Purple Style Labs

Purple Style Labs is an omnichannel luxury fashion platform where people can discover and buy Indian designer wear.
Country: India
Amount raised: €12.87M 

Series E


Teamworks is a communication and operations platform for athletic organizations.
Country: USA
Amount raised: €59.77M

To see the full list of start-ups that received funding in April 2023, click on the link: 


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Data collected on 30/04/2023 

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