Cybersecurity is protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether they originate from inside or outside an organization.

Cybersecurity threats are rapidly increasing in sophistication as attackers use new techniques and social engineering to extort money from organizations and users, disrupt business processes, and steal or destroy sensitive information. According to McKinsey, the costs related to cybercrime increase by 15% every year. Over the last years, there has been an exponential increase in the number and types of cyberthreats. Furthermore, spending on cybersecurity has shifted from preventing cyberattacks to actively managing ongoing ones. As the scope of the threat is growing, organizations are looking to reinforce their defensive capabilities to ensure the resilience.

In this context, Skopai has created a mapping of cybersecurity start-ups in Europe. The mapping is based on the data on more than 1,300 start-ups listed on the Skopai platform in March 2023. The data on start-ups are collected from sources publicly available on the internet, using data science and AI algorithms. This report presents an overview of the current landscape of cybersecurity start-ups in Europe with a particular focus on French start-ups. Report topics include: 

  • A panoramic view of 1,300+ cybersecurity start-ups in Europe
  • Innovation map of cybersecurity start-ups
  • Maturity stage, team size, and business models
  • Technology and patents
  • Cybersecurity start-ups fundraising and recent investments
  • Technology, investment and market readiness levels of start-ups
  • International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) 2023 Start-up Prize finalists and winners

Download the mapping and explore the dynamic world of cybersecurity start-ups in Europe: 

Access the profiles of more than 1,300 European cybersecurity start-ups:

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