A milestone has arrived for Skopai as we celebrate 5 years of existence, 5 years of continual growth, and a lot of testing and development of a value-added product to become a solution for all leaders and decision-makers in innovation. 

Our founders, Agnes Guerraz, Eric Gaussier and Bruno Sportisse founded Skopai with a vision of a platform that provides unbiased and objective information on all start-ups worldwide to help decision makers mitigate risks, perform due diligence, and make the right decisions when working with start-ups. And for start-ups, provide visibility, and make them discoverable by investors and other industry players. 

After 5 years, we are unrelentless and on course to become Europe’s leading platform for start-up discovery. 

The company has chalked numerous successes since its inception. It was awarded the FrenchTech grant by La French Tech and an award for best DeepTech start-up by iLAB in 2018. It won the Trophée des Elle, awarded by the FCE delegation for women entrepreneurs in 2019, and gained the DeepTech label awarded by BPI France in 2020. In 2021 the company developed its first start-up evaluation algorithm as well as its logical syntax search for queries on a specific ecosystem.  

A recap of our histrory

Over these years, the platform has been updated, and made more sophisticated with a rich database that has information with over 150,000 start-ups and scale-ups in the world. For the coming year, the company’s technical objective is to overcome the technological obstacles that will allow it to have a permanent, almost exhaustive list of all the start-ups & scale-ups in the world.  


Stanislas Hintzy, the Managing Director, presented a live demo of the platform and Cédric Lagnier, the CTO unveiled the new face of Alfred (Skopai’s AI), and introduced a roll-out of a new user experience alongside new features to power pump clients activities on the platform.

Meet Alfred

Hintzy further explained the company’s core products; the Database, Landscapes, and DTIs (Deep tech insights), how these products have evolved over the years, and how they have helped clients in their various innovation needs.

Skopai’s clients are classified under 3 segments:

  • R&D, Open innovation, M&A for scouting: who need to quickly draw up an inventory of start-ups and scale-ups in specific strategic areas.
  • Banks, PEs, VCs for benchmarking: who want to obtain an exhaustive view of the competition of companies under due diligence for an investment.
  • Economic development departments of local authorities – regions, metropolises, districts and states for understanding: who need to have a complete and up-to-date view of their start-up & scale-up ecosystem at all times.

Our recent report on the mapping of industriel start-ups was presented by Tatiana Beliaeva, our Senior entrepreneur researcher. The report presents an overview of the current landscape of more than 1,600 industrial start-ups in France.

Some clients were invited to share their experiences through a testimonial of the Skopai platform. They gave account of the challenges they were facing regarding start-up scouting and how Skopai is a solution that really meets their needs, and is accelerating their work on a daily basis. They praised the team and mentioned how satisfied they are working with Skopai.

A recap of the anniversary celebration


The coming years look bright as we are ready to increase our international footprints, publish more research work, and become a world leader in Business Intelligence about start-ups, scale-ups and innovative companies.

The anniversary celebration took place at the BPI France hub in Paris on Tuesday, 30th August 2022. In attendance were the press, some clients of Skopai, members of the ecosystem, and the entire Skopai team.  

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, partners, and investors for trusting us.

The journey has only begun!

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