A need or gap in society they say is what fuels innovation. “You don’t run away from problems, you run towards solutions.” ― Obert Skye.   

Though the COVID-19 pandemic came with several challenges in the health care sector, it also created enormous opportunities for innovators and investors which can be seen in the rising Health Tech investment post COVID-19.  

  •  Venture capital fundraising boomed in first half of 2021 to $21.8B, exceeding the full-year venture healthcare record in 2020 ($16.8B) by 30%. (silicon valley bank, 2021). 
  • The combined value of Europe-based HealthTech’s has grown over 6x from 2016 to 2021 — from $8bn to $41bn. This shift was led by telemedicine, operations software and insurtechs (mindmaze, 2021).   

As noted by an article by mindmaze, 2020 was a record year for the sector in Europe, with some hefty funding rounds and many telemedicine and digital diagnostics start-ups seeing huge jumps in user numbers.   

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The shift in telemedicine is a no brainer as the events of the past two years necessitated a swift move to telehealth care. With new mutations of the Covid -19 virus being reported, maybe we’re still a little far from reaching a silver lining considering the 4th or 5th wave looming above us.  

In the light of this, eHealth, including telehealth, healthcare AI, IoT Technology, digital therapeutics and AI-based clinical decision support will continue to be attractive areas for investments.  

With so many growth areas in the market, investors must however be aware of those trends that will be short-lived and those that are most likely to scale. 

Innovators must also be aware that there is going to be increasing demand in mental health post covid and as such must develop mental health technologies to meet the demand for teletherapy.   

We live in a world of the gig economy and emerging opportunities for investors are truly exciting. 

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