To take the next step in their development, scale-ups do not face the same challenges as start-ups and therefore have specific support needs. Hypergrowth brings many challenges, including cash flow.

But you have everything to gain by taking an interest in these hyper-growth companies because they are the ones creating value and the investment risk is lower than for start-ups.

These hyper-growth start-ups have the potential to become the « star companies » of tomorrow!

We all have in mind successful examples of scale-ups : Doctolib, BlaBlaCar, Deezer, Virtuo …

Investing in scale-ups is the key to tomorrow’s world: local economy, collaborative capitalism, innovation and constant search for improvement, exemplary socio-environmental performance, digital advance: Skopai offers you all the keys to make great growth investments.

Now it’s your turn to invest in THE scale-ups of tomorrow.

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