Our platform provides you with in-depth, up-to-date, objective information on any startup in the world. With a focus on Deep Tech.


Skopai is specifically designed to offer you the best-suited kind of information to assess startups:
Inferred Information

For private and early-stage companies, no financial or business information is easily accessible; knowledge must be inferred based on publicly available information and its evolution over time.

360-degree Information

Startups are companies under construction, thus any startup assessment must check all dimensions of the business and monitors them over time: not only usual metrics, such as fundraising or media footprints, but also product, market, customers, technology, skills or partnerships.

Objective and Standardized Information

Startup assessment depends on the quality and context of the person performing it – for example chief innovation officer, product managers, R&D engineers, investors, buyers, legals, etc. So the information itself must be non-biased, objective, and standardized.

Real-time Information

Hyper-dynamic evolution of startups requires real-time information monitoring.


Discover the global startup landscape in a particular field of interest. Or get to know the competitive landscape of a startup of your choice. And keep up-to-date in real-time on the evolutions in the landscape.

A one-year access to a Tech Landscape in key sectors. It includes a 360-degree descriptive summary for each startup of the landscape, updated in real-time. You can explore the set of startups with our search engine.

Get an expert-level, fully-detailed, objective presentation of a startup of your choice. Or just find answers to specific questions about this startup. Also get a list of points of attention about this company. And keep up-to-date in real-time on the startup’s progress.

A one-year access to an on-demand portfolio of 30 startups or more. You get a standardized, objective, in-depth, and real-time 360-degree report for each startup.

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