We provide Start-Up Insight

Skopai’s platform gives you

  • Financial or commercial information on innovative SME and startups which is not readily accessible.
  • All dimensions of the business and monitor them over time, such as fundraising, media footprints, products, technology, market, customers, team skills or partnerships.
  • Real time information monitoring to follow hyper-dynamic evolution of startups.

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The "Skopai Landscape" is a dynamic set of startups attached to a sector of activity. This set is continually enriched with new startups and updated with data discovered by Skopai's algorithms. One sector provides access to a standard offer to several hundred technological startups.

A one-year access to a Tech Landscape in key sectors. For each startup of the landscape, it allows to discover at a glance the startup and includes a descriptive summary, updated in real time. You can explore the set of startups with our search engine.

The "Skopai Deep Insights" is an in-depth analysis of a startup, including information reported by our algorithms, validated and enriched by business experts. This information includes relevant elements regarding the technology of the startup, its market sector, as well as a rating of its progress state at a given time (network, skills of the teams, etc.) and a list of points of attention on his activity.

Landscape Pack + credits allowing access to your startups in Skopai Deep Insights or the definition of a cartouche (set of 15 to 30 start-ups) on a small business sector.