An artificial intelligence platform providing complete information
about any startup worldwide

Why Skopai?

As we all know, humanity is facing amazing global challenges today in a variety of areas including Food, Health, the Environment, Energy, or Mobility. We think technology can be part of the solution.

Business founders, but also researchers, students, or corporate entrepreneurs, carry out technology projects every day everywhere in the world. But turning technology into real innovation requires an entrepreneurial project.

The global startup scene is booming today with an increasing number of thriving innovation hubs across the planet. And Deep Tech in particular is experiencing great momentum.

Valuation potential from innovation has never been higher but it’s happening now within an increasingly globalized, fragmented, and complex context.

This is where Skopai comes in.

What we believe

Our experience is that:
– Market and capital access is an issue for such Tech projects.
– There are a massive number of projects spread throughout a fragmented landscape.
– Risk and opportunity assessments are difficult.

What we are building

Skopai comes from skopéō (σκοπέω) in Ancient Greek: to look at, to examine (think of micro-scope or tele-scope). Skopai (σκοπαί) literally means watchtower.

We watch the web in real-time, searching for all the startup information that you need.

We are building a reference platform for tech, providing real-time, complete knowledge of any startup worldwide.

To achieve this we leverage Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence to collect, aggregate and analyze web data. The quality of the knowledge that we provide is guaranteed by world-class innovation experts.