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Metropoles, publics organizations, you can boost your territoritory and it’s time to do it !

On Tuesday 12 October, President Macron presented a massive investment plan of €30 billion over 5 years, called France 2030. It is a boost injected into French industry to « bring out the champions of tomorrow » in many sectors.

The aim of this plan is to reconcile innovation and industry, but also large groups and start-ups.

The territories have an important role to play in bringing these players together. They must reindustrialise through tech start-ups and Deep Tech.

Become a community that is committed to inventing the world of tomorrow!

Boosting a territory with a tight budget has become the norm of local authorities. Public innovation remains little known, or even misunderstood. It has many advantages for local authorities and is not complex to implement, quite the contrary!

Local authorities that choose public innovation ensure that they adopt a solution that is fully adapted to their local problems. Taking into account local specificities, with adapted means, allows to boost the economic development of your territory and its attractiveness.

Testimony of Morgane Le Doare, economic development officer at Invest in Grenoble Alpes : « Skopai allows us to boost and enhance our local ecosystem and to simply manage our relationships with innovative companies in the region »

The reality of the France of start-ups is a France that is everywhere in the territories.

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